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Can The 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender Solve Long-Distance Transmission?

Release date:2022-11-30 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

What kind of equipment is the 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender? Can the 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender solve long-distance transmission? You may not know this product very well. 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender is a device that can be transmitted through optical fiber or network cable. Using optical fiber or network cable can extend the transmission distance of video signal images.


The 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender can use a network cable to transmit distances up to 150 meters, and use a single-core single-mode LC fiber to extend the transmission distance of HDMI signals and USB signals to 80 kilometers. Long-distance transmission of 4K ultra-high-definition video signals, and long-distance transmission of high-definition video signals without loss. The 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender supports full-featured USB2.0 extension, so the receiving end can not only connect the mouse and keyboard, but also connect U disk, USB camera, USB headset and other devices with USB interface. It supports the transmission of serial port signals, infrared signals, and audio signals, so as to meet the needs of customers for various complex combination functions. It supports standard POE power supply and works with POE switches, which not only improves the security of the system, but also facilitates construction.


What should I do if the monitoring equipment is too far away from the lobby? Using 4K HDMI KVM Optical Extender can not only solve your long-distance signal transmission problem. It can make the high-definition signal transmission distance transmission without compression, delay, and no freeze. While decompressing the video recorder monitoring image transmission, it can also control the retrieval of the monitoring screen through the mouse and keyboard. If there are multiple video recorders that need to be transmitted to the large screen over a long distance , It can also be used together by adding a KVM screen splitter, which is a good way to save costs.

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