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How To Use The iPad To Control The HDMI Martrix Switcher?

Release date:2022-11-05 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

There are many control methods for the HDMI Matrix Switcher, such as front panel button control, remote control, and serial port control. Although there are many control methods, this control method is not very convenient. The front panel button control should be switched on the device panel, and the remote control should be correct. The receiver of the quasi-device, and the distance cannot be far away, the serial port control needs to connect the serial port line, and it cannot be moved. At this time, the iPad or mobile phone is very convenient, easy to use and flexible control and can be moved arbitrarily. How to use the iPad to control the high-definition HDMI Martrix Switcher?


The process of directly controlling the HDMI Martrix Switcher with iPad is fast and convenient, and the operation can be completed in a few steps. Set up a local area network and put the iPad and the HDMI Matrix Switcher in a local area network. Open the browser on the iPad and enter the URL to enter the login page of the matrix. Enter the switching page of the HDMI Matrix Switcher to see the number of input and output ports. Click the input Click any button and then click everything to display the video of the signal source on the screen, for example: to switch input 1 to output all, first click 1 in the area to the left of the vertical line, and then click everything on the right to complete the switch . If you want to save the current I/O connection state in a scene, first select the scene number you want to save (there are 40 scenes in total), and then press "Save" on the far right; if you want to recall a scene that has been saved , first select the scene number you want to recall, and then press "Load" on the far right; press "Return" to return to the switching interface.


Is it really convenient and interesting to use the iPad to control the high-definition HDMI Martrix Switcher, it is not only convenient to carry, but also can be moved at will when using it. HDMI Matrix Switcher, HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, VAG matrix can all be controlled using iPad. Biyunxiang is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent audio and video. At present, it has formed several product series such as high-definition HDMI Martrix Switcher, HDMI matrix, IP distributed matrix, image processor and audio processor.

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