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How to control the CCTV and computers on one screen? AV over IP extender with USB and 4x1 multiviewer with KVM

Release date:2021-07-02 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

If you ever thought to put and control serval computers and the CCTV NVR on screen, but no clues? AV over IP extender IPF-900 and 4x1 multiviewer with KVM AV over IP extender IPF-900 will help you.

How to have 3 laptops and 1 NVR showing on 1 screen with one keyboard and mouse to control 


We use the AV over IP extender IPF-900 to transmission 150m from the NVR to the display, this IP extender Resolution supports 4K@30Hz 4:4:4, Ultra HD is completely lossless, low latency, Support full function USB signal extension, support full-format HDMI audio, fully meet the audio-visual needs of high-end customers. A gigabit switch is recommended. 
This AV over IP extender IPF-900 can also be customized to support the transmission of serial signals, infrared signals, and audio signals to meet the needs of customers with various complex networking and combined functions. 


Use the4x1 multiviewer with KVM KVM-401P-4K60 to make the 3 laptops and 1NVR total 4 sources on 1 screen, it supports Hot-key to switch between the sources, also can control the NVR show once screen or all screens, and also support the switch to the laptops and control them.


AV over IP extender and 4x1 multiviewer with KVM also can be used for reception, they support multiview 2 sources, supports switch full screen for PC and NVR and control them both.

AV over IP extender and 4x1 multiviewer with KVM both support PoE function, easy for construction, and strong system robustness.

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