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KVM Optical HDMI Extender Supports Fiber Optic and Cable two methods For User to Choose

Release date:2022-04-03 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The KVM Optical HDMI Extender uses two methods of network port and optical fiber interface to transmit images. It supports network cable transmission and optical fiber transmission. Users can choose which interface to use according to their actual needs. If the distance is more than 100 meters, you can choose to use the network port as a network cable transmitter. If the transmission distance is more than 100 meters, you can choose to use optical fiber transmission. At the same time, the KVM mouse and key extension design can help to extend the use distance of the mouse and keyboard. Control the computer host and hard disk video recorder placed in the computer room


The transmission distance of the KVM Optical HDMI Extender can reach 150 meters. It can support POE power supply and 1-to-multiple transmission, that is, a computer can be displayed on multiple monitors 150 meters away at the same time. The optical fiber can transmit up to 80 kilometers. The long-term transmission distance depends on the optical fiber module. Of course, the longer the transmission distance, the more expensive the optical fiber module. The single-mode optical fiber is used, and the transmission distance is longer than the dual-mode distance. . Support audio embedding and de-embedding functions, and de-embedding can be directly connected to the mixer to realize sound control.


The KVM Optical HDMI Extender can also be used in the connection of two conference rooms. It can be directly connected to the HDMI matrix or high-definition hybrid matrix switcher in the two conference rooms to complete the long-distance transmission function. The anti-interference ability of optical fiber transmission is strong, and the image transmission process Lossless and uncompressed, it can restore the clear display of the original image.

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