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What are the advantages of HDMI cable transmitter in 4K HDMI Extender

Release date:2021-10-01 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

4K HDMI Extender is composed of a transmitter and a signal receiver. Cat5e/6e 4K HDMI Extender can be used to extend the signal transmission distance in the middle. The signal transmission distance can reach 100 meters. It is often used in places such as information teaching, video conferencing systems, security monitoring systems, and TV broadcast transmissions. So, what are the advantages of HDMI cable transmitter in 4K HDMI Extender? Let's give everyone an in-depth analysis of several aspects:



1. The 4K HDMI Extender increase of a single network line can reach 70 meters/100 meters


The transmission distance of 4K HDMI Extender is longer, the picture quality is high, the application is more convenient, and the actual operation is more convenient. It can support hdmi extender over cat6, extending the transmission distance of 70 meters/100 meters, and the picture is clear, without frame loss.



2. 4K HDMI Extender applicable to 3D vision


4K HDMI Extender uses high-definition transmission technology, suitable for 1920*1080 high-definition screen resolution, and the interface is clearer; in addition, it is also suitable for 3D, and you can enjoy 3D visual enjoyment at home.


3. 4K HDMI Extender can realize High-definition transmission, high-quality signal

The 4K HDMI Extender adopts a non-reduced transmission plan, the signal is stable, and it is suitable for a variety of signal file formats.


4. 4K HDMI Extender supports a variety of places can be easily solved

The 4k HDMI extender can increase the network cable according to the transmission distance, and the cost of the network cable is lower than the cost of the HDMI data information cable. It is an affordable choice for long-distance transmission and can also improve maintenance efficiency. It is suitable for places such as information teaching, video conference system, security monitoring system, TV broadcast transmission and so on.


5. 4K HDMI Extender supports PoC power supply system

The 4K HDMI Extender supports of BeingHD are uses PoC power supply and distribution system, which integrates switching power transmission, making installation and wiring more convenient, and also greatly saves maintenance costs.

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