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How Does The Modular 4K HD Video Wall Controller Help User Creating And Control A Video Wall In The Leisure Centers work together the LCD Display

Release date:2022-01-02 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

It is important to select the right Modular 4K video wall controller to maximize the usage of the LCD Display video wall. The most critical characteristics to consider are its performance, scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Designed for mission-critical operations, they offer high performance video processing, can easily control and manage any source to any display and offer the utmost flexibility and scalability with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with a full-featured video wall management software.


Simply put, a Modular 4K HD Video Wall Controller—also known as a video wall processor—is a device used to control a multi-monitor display, also known as a video wall. These monitors may be independently operated or operated as a group, resulting in complex display systems that can be used to fulfill a great diversity of display needs and presenting content in an efficient and impactful manner. Multi-monitor setups can range from two displays to two hundred or beyond. The size and shape of the display simply depends on what an organization needs—and the sky is really the limit.


The Modular 4K HD Video Wall Controller will be controlled by use the front buttons simply press and setup, also should be handle via IR remote control for daily sources switching, even controlled with the WEB GUI, mobile Application, TCP/IP or UDP, Modular 4K HD Video Wall Controller supports RS232 control in and out, RS232 commands.


The Modular 4K HD Video Wall Controller designs with 20 presets save and recall function, it can be one-time setup, the end user will be only simply press one button to load/recall the settings. Its will help user creating and control a video wall in the leisure centers work together the larger LCD display.

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