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Comparison between chassis video wall processor and HDMI modular matrix switcher

Release date:2021-07-20 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The chassis video wall processor?and the matrix switcher are common equipment in new information system integration projects, especially the chassis video wall processor, which is the key equipment of the large-screen video wall system, and the modular matrix switcher is the key to manipulate signal I/O mechanical equipment. There are differences in principle and function between each other. Here is a brief introduction to the difference between thechassis video wall processor and the modular matrix switcher:

1. Differences in the basic principles:

a. The modular matrix switcher converts multiple signal inputs to several display screens. Generally speaking, the total number of input signals is greater than the number of output signals. For example, if we want to display the signals output by 36 surveillance cameras on 12 display screens, then we can use a matrix switcher, which can alternately switch different signal images according to the signal conversion function of the matrix. At the same time, the modular matrix switcher is divided into VGA matrix, AV matrix, RGB matrix, DVI matrix, HDMI matrix, and modular matrix. Among them, modular matrix and HDMI are mostly used. 

b. The chassis video wall processor is a display system that divides a completed video signal into several piece and then distributes them to multiple output signals for display on multiple displays. It is used for LCD, LED, DLP, PDP video wall screens. in.

2. Functional difference:

a. The modular matrix switcher can only realize signal conversion, and cannot solve any processing. 

b. The chassis video wall processor is different, except that it supports multiple types of analog and digital signal input and output, all input signals support open window,picture on picture, cross screen and picture-in-picture display effects can be arbitrarily opened on the screen.

The chassis video wall processor and the HDMI modular matrix switcher have different functions in the information system integration project. The total number and type of the splicing processor's input signal and the total number of output signals are determined by the actual needs of the customer, and the two can also be used. BingHDMI chassis video wall processor has three specifications of VPX-1000, VPX-2000, and VPX-3000 for you to choose.
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