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What is the use of the web-based programming central control host?

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The control host in the network is a central control system that can realize cloud programming, visual programming, remote debugging, and support multiple network protocols (TCP/UDP/Telnet/Http). It is a central control system for audio, video, and environmental electronic systems. Control integrated professional control system, equipment for centralized operation and control of equipment deployment and various systems and equipment in the control area. Mainly used in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, multi-function halls, theaters, concert halls, exhibition halls, stadiums, churches, buildings, industrial automation, etc. What does the network control host have? We will introduce in detail below.


The role of the network control host:
1. Volume control, playback equipment control (DVD/video recorder, etc.);

2. Camera control (zoom, angle rotation, etc.);

3. Electric projection screen lifting, projector opening and closing, signal selection operation, etc.;

4. Signal switching control (VGA or video projection content selection, etc.);

5. Network video conference equipment control (dial-up, camera control, remote camera);

6. The lighting control system can be realized;

7. Air-conditioning control system, remote control through the mobile phone APP, web interface switch air-conditioning, temperature adjustment, change mode status, etc., to achieve remote control.

The network central control host can realize the control of audio, video, and environmental electronic system control. It is only a control terminal. If you want a central control system, high-definition mixing matrix, and audio power amplifier in one, then you can choose 9-in and 9-out multimedia all-in-one BYOD-9900, which can realize 4 major systems

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