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What is Fixed HDMI matrix switcher

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The What is Fixed HDMI matrix is also called the all-in-one HDMI matrix. What is the Fixed HDMI matrix swicher? The HDMI interface is used as the input and output interface and there are only a fixed number of HDMI input and HDMI output interfaces for a machine. You can't add boards according to your actual needs like a hybrid matrix swicher. Like the HDMI 4 input and 4 output HDMI matrix swicher, it is fixed that there are only 4 HDMI input ports and 4 HDMI output ports. If you want to increase the input and output, then there is no way to achieve it. But if you only need to use the HDMI interface matrix, then you can choose this Fixed HDMI matrix swicher, which is much more cost-effective than the hybrid matrix and is a good choice.


Our Fix HDMI matrix swicher has 4 input and 4 output, 8 input and 8 output, 16 input and 16 output. The picture below is our 8 input and 8 output Fixed HDMI matrix swicher.

We have learned from the above what is the Fixed HDMI matrix swicher and it is much more cost-effective than the hybrid matrix swicher. So what are the functions of the HDMI matrix swicher?

The HDMI solidification matrix swicher can switch one-to-many and many-to-many, and supports two key switch control. Open the website through the network port and enter the IP address to switch the control input signal switch, as well as the APP mobile phone software control, RS232 serial port start, multiple control switching, Let us use it more conveniently. At the same time, the EDID management function can be better compatible with different monitors, so that you can use it more assuredly. The standard 1U size is more in line with the standard computer room chassis, and the installation is more convenient.
At the same time, you can consider our HD Modular matrix swicher. The single-card single-channel design and the one-card four-channel design give you more choices.
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