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What is the RS232 communication protocol in the 8X8 HDMI matrix switcher

Release date:2021-08-24 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
Many of the current 8X8 HDMI matrix switchers are controlled by RS232. This serial communication protocol is a very common device communication protocol on computers, and it is also a common communication protocol for communication devices. It can be used to obtain data from remote collection devices. The serial communication protocol that first appeared was the serial RS232 communication protocol released in 1962.


The RS232 communication protocol in the HDMI matrix switcher is also the simplest communication protocol at this stage, and its new version has RS422 and RS485 communication protocols. Although the RS232 communication protocol is the simplest protocol, it is also the most basic protocol. In general experiments and engineering, short distances and easy control are required. This RS232 meets the requirements perfectly. Although in terms of transmission distance, transmission speed, and compatibility, the serial RS232 communication protocol is indeed a bit tasteless, but due to the practicality, functionality, and high cost performance of RS232, it still occupies a large part of the market in current control protocol equipment.

In the future development, the RS232 communication protocol that is now a popular 8X8 HDMI matrix switcher may slowly withdraw from the market and gradually become the past, and more convenient serial port management will become the mainstream. Even so, this simple RS232 control protocol will make people remember deeply.
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