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How to use 4K HDMI matrix switcher in smart conference room?

Release date:2021-10-24 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Today's society is an era of information and intelligence, clear and effective communication in meetings is critical to success. To improve communication efficiency in meetings, a company need to deploy technologies that allow their staff to collaborate without problems. BeingHDs meeting room solutions can make your companys every meeting productive. We provide KVM switches, 4K HDMI matrixes switcher, distributed IP matrix system and USB peripherals that will allow you to create an environment that promotes teamwork.


4K HDMI matrix switch with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compatibility. It features not only basic functions like cross-point switching and control (IR, RS-232, IP), but also advanced functions like auto-downscaling for each HDMI output when it is connected to 1080P display. With its compact and handy design, it can cater to all you needs for A/V establishment in a common conference room. Its key features include:


The resolution can up to 4K@30Hz inputs and outputs with scaling

Supports seamless switching, no black/blue screen during the sources switch

Supports the video wall function and bezel corrections

Supports the 3.5mm audio embedded and de-embedded 

Supports smart EDID management

Supports RS-232 and TCP/IP Control(WEB GUI), IR remote control

Supports up to 20 scenes


The 4K HDMI matrix switcher is used to switch the various signals and displays in the conference room, pushing various corporate offices, conference rooms, etc. into the era of intelligence, bringing great convenience to our modern commercial office.

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