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Application of 4K HDMI Modular Matrix Switcher in Multifunctional Conference System

Release date:2022-05-29 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The rapid development of economic construction and other aspects has put forward higher and higher requirements for the current social work efficiency and social service capacity. The rapid development of information technology has changed the traditional work mode of all walks of life, requiring fast and effective communication. At the same time, communication has become the key to the survival and development of modern enterprises. Only effective communication can improve the speed of market response. This requires modern departments and enterprises to have more sensitive nerves, more optimized management, faster response and decision-making, and more suitable for market promotion and service. The modern conference system can span space, provide flexible and diverse face-to-face interaction, and adapt to the convenient, fast, and fast-paced modern society, which not only brings economic benefits to users, but also improves the efficiency of departments and the competitiveness of enterprises. 4K HDMI Modular Matrix Switcher plays an important role as an important part of modern enterprise multi-function conference system.


The multi-functional conference hall is an important conference system room. Through the integration of new technologies such as digital signal processing, compression coding technology and data transmission, the multi-functional conference system closely combines high-quality audio, video and many intelligent features to achieve more functions, more complete video transmission, information transmission and other functions , these are demonstrations of the main functions of the 4K HDMI seamless mixing matrix. It is a complete multi-functional conference system that integrates digital conference system, video conference system, high-stream and multimedia display system, conference real-time recording and video recording system, sound expansion system, physical projection system, centralized control system, etc. The seam hybrid matrix is one of the main roles of the digital conference system. The core function of the multi-function conference system is the processing of audio and video signals, and the matrix switcher is a very suitable product.


Biyunxiang HDMI seamless hybrid matrix can support 80 input and 80 output, the signal interface can be freely combined with VGA, DVI, 3G-SDI, DP, HDMI, CVBS, YPBPR, Fiber, HDMIBaset and other interface forms, the resolution can reach 4K60Hz, fully It solves the difficulties of a wide variety of video signal sources and incompatibility of various signals in the multi-functional conference hall project, saves costs to a great extent, and is beneficial to system upgrade, expansion and maintenance. It also satisfies and provides a variety of control methods to easily realize remote control of equipment.


With the development of modern technology and the wide application of digital technology, the traditional conference mode has been unable to meet the needs of the modern conference system. The digital and modular audio and video conference system conforms to the development trend of conferences and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional conference systems, making it widely used in many business unit meetings and corporate meetings with excellent performance. KVM distributed seats, HDMI matrix

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