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The convenience of high-definition 4K HDMI matrix switcher in the smart meeting room

Release date:2021-12-17 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

4K HDMI matrix switcher is an important tool for conference venues and exhibition halls. It is used in many media conferences and multi-functional exhibition halls, and has an important position in the entire audio and video equipment. Therefore, when the high-definition era is coming, the 4K HDMI matrix switcher will be able to give full play to its advantages and characteristics, and bring you more high-definition and stable images, high-definition pictures, and let us experience the ultra-high-definition visual feast.


The high-definition 4K HDMI matrix switcher can transmit one or more high-definition video signals to multiple display devices, such as projectors, TVs, splicing screens and so on, 4K HDMI matrix switcher supports signal cross-switching, and the resolution can reach 4K30, ensuring high-quality audio-visual signal transmission , HDMI cable transmission distance can reach 15 meters under the 4K30 signal of input and output, and the multiple control methods of high-definition 4K HDMI matrix switcher also lay the foundation for it. The RS232 control mode can be connected to the central control system to meet the centralized control of the conference room and can be switched at any time. The network control interface can support a variety of control methods such as notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, etc., allowing multiple users to switch the display image of the conference large screen anytime and anywhere, without being restricted by space.


At the same time, the high-definition 4K HDMI matrix switcher is used as a multimedia exhibition hall, and multiple tablets or mobile phones can be controlled to switch the video images of the exhibition hall at the same time, so that customers can experience the joy of image switching and the sense of science and technology of the exhibition hall. The high-definition 4K HDMI matrix switcher can also be used with wireless screen projectors, LED processors, smart video conferencing terminals, etc.

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