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Why Do Small Meeting Rooms Like To Use This 4K30 Seamless HDMI Switcher?

Release date:2022-05-12 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

In small conference rooms, multiple computers need to be switched to display on the large screen. Therefore, a device that can support multiple signal inputs and 1 signal output is required. The 4K30 seamless HDMI switcher is a good choice. It has 2 commonly used models, 4 in and 1 out and 8 in and 1 out. It can support 4 or 8 laptops at the same time. There will be no black screen or splash screen when switching between signals, which can increase the experience of the entire conference.


Why is the 4K30 seamless HDMI switcher popular in small conference rooms? Its function determines its usage scenarios and applications. The 4K30 HDMI seamless switcher supports cross-resolution seamless switching, and seamless switching can be achieved under the condition that the input resolution is not the same; The output resolution can be adjusted to meet different resolutions of monitors; Patrol, and automatic switching function; can support plug and play, notebook computer access can switch automatic identification signals; support remote control, front panel buttons, RS232 serial port control switching signals, etc. At the same time, the 4K30 seamless HDMI switch is also used in monitoring rooms, advertising screens in hotels, etc., and the transmission distance can reach 15 meters.


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