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2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller makes 4 monitors to be used as splicing screens

Release date:2021-12-19 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Many smart conference rooms and command centers use large splicing screens, which are made up of several splicing screens. Splicing screens are more expensive than some monitors. When facing the cost-effectiveness, we can choose to use the display is used for splicing, which is more cost-effective, so you can use the 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller, its product characteristics can make the 4 monitors to be used as splicing screens.


As a simple ultra-high-definition image splicing processor, the 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller is different from ordinary splicers. It supports resolution adjustment and can be spliced with one button through the remote control. At the same time, 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller is more important to support edge splicing. Seam adjustment, it’s can  use the monitor as a splicing screen. There is a problem, that is, the image dislocation is prone to appear at the edge seam between the monitors, which makes the visual effect of the entire screen not very good. To solve this problem,2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller fully meets the conditions. User will control it via the remote control to adjust the horizontal and vertical, and then solve the problem of image misalignment, presenting a better visual effect.


Compared with other ordinary splicers, the 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller supports point-to-point display on the monitor or splicing screen, and the image is not stretched or deformed. Ordinary splicers just magnify the image several times, and the font and picture of the displayed image are prone to distortion, so this is another advantage of using 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller, not only can splicing, but also can realize point-to-point display. Multiple stitching modes and 180-degree image rotation are the advantages of Multi-Screen. As a new product launched by BeingHDMI, the 2 in 4 out 4k HDMI Video Wall Controller has successfully applied splicing large screens, projections, and so on.

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