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What are the characteristics of ZeTa KVM? BeingHD answers for you

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ZeTa KVM is a loosely coupled system composed of multiple processors interconnected through communication lines. So what are the characteristics of ZeTa KVM? Let the editor of BeingHD introduce to you.

What are the characteristics of ZeTa KVM? BeingHD answers for you

The characteristics of the distributed system are as follows:

(1) Distribution. ZeTa KVM is composed of multiple computers, which are geographically dispersed, and the functions of the entire system are distributed on each node, so the distributed system has the distributed nature of data processing.

(2) Autonomy. Each node in ZeTa KVM contains its own processor and memory, and each has an independent data processing function. Usually, each other is equal in status, and there is no distinction between primary and secondary. They can work autonomously, and they can also use shared communication lines to transmit information and coordinate task processing.

(3) Parallelism. A large task can be divided into several subtasks, which are executed on different hosts.

(4) Overall. There must be a global process communication mechanism in ZeTa KVM, so that any process can communicate with other processes, and does not distinguish between local communication and remote communication. At the same time, there should be an overall protection mechanism. There is a collection of system calls on all machines in the system, and they must adapt to a distributed environment. Running the same kernel on all CPUs makes coordination easier.

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