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The corporate advantages of BeingHD make your choice more assured

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The strength of a company often affects your choice, so what are the advantages of BeingHD? Let the editor of BeingHD give you an introduction, I hope it helps.

The corporate advantages of BeingHD make your choice more assured

The corporate advantages of BeingHD are as follows:

1. Possess core technology and focus on overall solutions for smart conference rooms.

2. Insist on independent research and development of audio equipment and seek development with technological innovation.

3. Obtained ISO certification, product certification, service certification, high-tech certification and other certificates.

Shenzhen BeingHD Electronics CO., LTD has formed Modular Matrix Switcher, HDMI Matrix Switcher, AV over IP System, Video Extenders, Video Wall Controller, and audio processors and other product series and overall solutions. Products developed in the United States and the United Kingdom , Germany, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and other places have offices and service centers.

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