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Why choose 4k HDBaseT matrix switcher?4 advantages of 4k HDBaseT matrix switcher.

Release date:2021-10-08 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

There can be many different interfaces in a 4k modular matrix switcher, so today, let's see why we choose 4k HDBaseT matrix switcher?


Video transmission is usually done. We have to get various video signals, USB signals, HDMI cables, power cables, etc., which is a headache, and the wiring is getting more and more complicated! How to make one line transmit all these signals? HDBaseT technology solves this problem with a network cable



HDMI only transmits audio and video signals, and the distance is also limited in length. The quality of good brand HDMI signals can only be maintained at about 30 meters, and the cable price is also high for most users. Although there are some other wireless technologies as alternatives to HDMI. But their biggest problem is that there is no power transmission channel and the transmission rate is difficult to break through.


In addition, the HDMI Alliance requires a fee to join, and the use of this agreement also requires a license fee. Therefore, the HDBaseT Alliance composed of Sony, Samsung, LG and Valence Semiconductor has developed the HDBaseT solution, which has solved the above-mentioned problems. From a certain point of view, HDBaseT can also be seen as a product of manufacturers against the HDMI Alliance


HDBaseT is a standard based on network transmission, which can integrate audio, video, network, control signals and power supply lines together, and use ordinary network cables as transmission cables for transmission.


4 advantages of 4k HDBaseT matrix switcher:


1. The HDMI cable generally has a transmission distance of only about 30 meters, which greatly limits the range of use of high-definition equipment, while the transmission distance of HDBaseT can reach up to 100 meters.


2. HDMI cables are expensive, while HDBaseT uses cheap and easily available CAT5/6 Ethernet cables as the transmission medium.


3. HDMI is a closed standard. Manufacturers need to pay a certain license fee for using the HDMI interface, while HDBaseT is an open standard and no additional fees are required.


4. The HDBaseT standard currently supports a transmission rate of 20Gb/s, which is 4 times the HDMI transmission rate of 5Gb/s, and can fully meet all uncompressed 1080p or clearer 4Kx2K video transmissions

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