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Programmable central controller to centrally control lights, curtains, power sequencer, and HDMI matrix switcher

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Programmable central controller is the core part of the control system. Programmable central controller plays an important role in the audio and video smart conference system. Programmable central controller can connect multiple control system devices, including audio systems, video systems, smart conference terminals, power switches, etc. We are in In order to control other third-party equipment more conveniently in the conference system, we need a set of central control equipment to centrally control all equipment.



The Programmable central controller BYOD-5000 provides an open programmable control platform, user-friendly operation and interactive structure, and Programmable central controller can edit the pictures, icons and texts of the control interface according to customer needs, which is more flexible. Programmable central controller can be remotely debugged and can be programmed without going to the construction site. Programmable central controller supports a variety of network protocols (TCP/UDP/Telnet/Http), which allows more compatibility and selectivity, and can centrally control lights, electric curtains, power sequencers, and videos. Various equipment such as matrix. Programmable central controller support multiple control methods such as computer, network, wall panel, etc., both wired and wireless can be realized. At the same time, Programmable central controller has its own switch function, which saves the cost of the switch.


As an important part of the audio and video smart conference system, the Programmable central controller is widely used in smart conference rooms, training rooms, lecture halls, command and control, war rooms, monitoring, multimedia remote video conference rooms and other occasions, bringing to modern conferences A different experience. Programmable central controller can be compatible with our products such as high-definition HDMI hybrid matrix switcher, HDMI matrix switcher, video wall controller processor and so on. Programmable central controller also be compatible with other brands of central control equipment.

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