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Military conference room and BeingHDMI cooperated 4K HDMI matrix customization case

Release date:2020-12-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Case name: 4K HDMI matrix customization case of cooperation between military conference room and BeingHDMI

Use equipment: 4K HDMI matrix, distributed matrix

The intelligent conference device built by a military unit in a certain place found BeingHDMI through the engineering company. After an in-depth inspection of BeingHDMI, he reached a cooperation with BeingHDMI.

Military conference room and BeingHDMI cooperated 4k HDMI matrix customization case

Because they did not understand the actual situation on the spot, the BeingHDMI project team made a special trip to inspect the actual environment. During the inspection process, the customer's pain points and some problems that the customer had not considered were analyzed and guided, and the team leaders were praised. After returning, according to the actual situation of the project, the project team made a system customization plan to make the whole plan more perfect. After that, the two parties signed the contract, and the efforts of Maiser were affirmed by the customer.

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