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What is a 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer and how does it work?

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What is a 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer and how does it work?


The 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer is a high-performance four-screen splitter and switcher, which can display 4 channels of HDMI high-definition digital signals on the same screen, and has a variety of split effects, and the output mode can be set.


4K Quad Screen Multiviewer with audio and RS232 control


4K Quad Screen Multiviewer uses image compression and digital processing methods to compress several pictures in the same ratio on the screen of a monitor. It can synthesize four video signals into one output and input it into a monitor, so that multiple pictures can be displayed on the screen at the same time. There are often 4 pictures, 3 pictures, 2 pictures, and single pictures. The 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer can be used to watch four channels of video signals on one monitor at the same time.


There are Quad Screen, nine multi-screen, and sixteen multi-screen, It can display the images of 4, 9, 16 HDMI signal on one monitor at the same time. The 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer is more common. 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer is widely used in many fields such as telecommunications, railways, banks, campuses, and home furnishings. It has undergone rigorous tests in various environments and has been universally recognized by users. The performance and price of BeingHD's 4K Quad Screen Multiviewer is relatively good, and the quality and continuity of the image can meet most of the requirements.

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