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How to use the video wall function of the modular matrix switcher?-BeingHD tells you

Release date:2021-07-14 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
The function of modular matrix switcher is mainly to be compatible with signals of different formats and different resolutions, such as VGA/YPbPr/DVI/HDMI/SDI/HDBaset/optical fiber, etc., as well as compatibility and switching of 2K4K ultra-high-definition signals and supports seamless switching, BeingHD modular matrix switcher supports video wall to realize the function of TV wall. If you want to know how to use the video wall function of the BeingHD modular matrix switcher? Follow me!

How to use the video wall function of BeingHD modular matrix switcher: The video wall interface and the switching interface of the HD modular matrix are the same as below:


Users also can do the Video wall settings on the WEB GUI bottom by simply adding the x&y(x: for the rows; y: for column).


Below the steps to create the video walls: 
Step1: Enter the video wall Row(x) and column(y) numbers, and then click “add”, example to create a 2x2: 
modular-matrix-switcher-video-wall-Step1Step 2: Click “add” to create the 2x2 video wall, then drag the outputs to the video wall box. 


The modular matrix switcher is easy to operate, which can realize signal switching and simple video wall function. Our distributed matrix also has a video wall function, and adopts a point-to-point connection, which is more flexible. You can choose between two matrices with video wall functions.

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