Why the MAV Cards?

Author:BeingHD Time:2018-12-14

When we work on the AV projects, there are always uncertainties, especially come to the source types, display interfaces and also think about the system upgrading in the future...

So how could we at least do something to save the costs, improve the possibilities for the easy/quick upgrading? 

To help the SI and the end users, our R&D department has developed this MAV cards to not only solve the different signals input, but also with many different unique features: 3.5mm audio embedds on the input card and de-embedds on the output cards, resolution adjustment via the 8-pin DIP switch, image 180 degree rotating...

Above are the reasons why choose the MAV cards. But what is the MAV cards? It's actually the cards with DVI-I port, so with the different adapters(HDMI-DVI, VGA-DVI, CVBS/YPBPR-DVI), you can have the HDMI, VGA, YPBPR/CVBS sources to input, and for the DVI signal/TV, can use the DVI cable directly. 

For more, can click to watch the demo video on Youtube: