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What is the difference between HDMI matrix switcher 4K and 2K?

Release date:2021-07-22 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
The HDMI matrix switcher can transmit multiple HDMI audio and video signals to the output equipment. HDMI switcher is to switch multiple signals to one display. We often hear people say 4KHDMI matrix and 2KHDMI matrix, so what is the difference between HDMI matrix 4K and 2K? Let me see as below:


What is the difference between HDMI matrix 4K and 2K:
1. The price is different
In the past two years, the price of chips has risen severely, and imported chips have risen even more. The HDMI matrix 4K is more expensive than 2K.

2. The output resolution is different
The 4K HDMI matrix is ultra-high-definition resolution up to 3840X2160, while the 2K HDMI matrix is only high-definition, and the resolution is 1920X1080. The resolution of the 4K HDMI matrix is 4 times that of the 2K HDMI matrix.

3. Different picture quality
The picture quality of 4K is displayed more clearly, the display effect is better, and the visual effect is better, and the picture quality of 2K is much inferior to 4K.

In recent years, as 4K has become more and more popular, both the display industry and our audio and video industry have introduced new products and equipment of 4K. Our HDMI network extender, high-definition modular matrix switcher, and HDMI matrix switcher have been upgraded to support 4K transmission. After reading the above HDMI matrix 4K*2K, what is the difference? Do you get it?
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