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BeingHD answers the role of hybrid matrix switcher

Release date:2020-12-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The hybrid matrix is a device that can switch and output any signal source to any target terminal according to requirements. What is the role of the hybrid matrix switcher? Let the editor of BeingHD give you an introduction.

BeingHD answers the role of hybrid matrix switcher

The role of the hybrid matrix switcher is as follows:

Simply put, there are many general input devices in the conference room: cameras, DVDs, VCRs, physical booths, desktop computers, a lot of laptop signals, etc., but there are few display terminals: projectors, plasmas, and large screens. , The function of the matrix comes out, you can send any channel of the signal of the device that provides the signal source to any channel of the display terminal, and the audio and video can be synchronized or not synchronized, which is convenient and saves costs.

The common types are divided according to the interface type (VGA, AV, RGB), of course, there is also a hybrid matrix, which is the different interface types in the device, and is also divided according to the number of interfaces. For example, the 8 series has 8 in 2 out, 8 in 4 Out, 8 in, 8 out, etc.

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