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Global Sources Electronics Exhibition 2016 (April)


A new year is coming, as we promised we were there again! And we have brought a big surprise to all of the clients.

We just released our newest products——TV Wall Video Processor and Big Size Interactive Touch Projector Screen System.

TV Wall Video Processor is an equipment which supports 1 HDMI/ VGA/ CVBs input to 4 HDMI output, and it has been well sold to USA, UK,India and so on. 

Interactive Touch Projector Screen System is our newest product. During this exhibition, it has attracted lots of people to watch and experience it. Even some of the clients already placed an order at live. It surely will change our traditional teaching ways and improve the efficiency of our meetings. We not only can write down anything on the screen directly, but we also can mark on any files, such as a PowerPoint, Excel, World and so on.

We’re really lucky to provide our customers the best quality items and services, we are also really grateful to all of the clients, for their trusting, their supporting and their accompany. In return for this, we surely will offer our best to all of them. 

We are not the best, but we are doing our best to be the best!